Wednesday, August 22, 2012

50 Years Serving the Lord ...

I got a call from Paul a couple days ago. He and wife Betty, along with me, my wife and nearly 100 other friends of the Wereschs are relaxing after a wonderful party … Paul and Betty’s 50th wedding anniversary. The event took place at a beautiful oasis near Yakima, Washington and was put on by the couple’s loving boys Wesley, Jonathan and Dan; their wives Eileen, Jennifer and Bryn; and Grandpa and Grandma‘s joy, grandson, Frederick.

Paul said that as he thought of the thrill of seeing everyone, he was thinking about how children often dream of having one day in Santa’s workshop … seeing all the creations of the man himself … what a joy and a thrill that would be.

But then he said, "Larry, I have spent 50 years in God’s workshop, meeting, seeing, helping, encouraging the workmanship of the Lord … His marvelous creation … His children." He was nearly in tears of joy as he related the thrill of it to me.

I always admire those folks who in this day and age make it to 50 years of marriage and more. But, even more so the Wereschs who have served the Lord during every one of those years ... serving as ambassadors of our Almighty God.

I once asked an elderly gentleman in our town in Idaho for two words that would describe the success of their 70 plus years of marriage. He said without hesitation, "Yes, Dear!"

These two missionary sweethearts, the Wereschs, made a similar two word commitment when they decided to work together … "Yes, Lord!"

As a result of that obedience, they have had the privilege of sharing Jesus with thousands … even tens of thousands of souls in Eastern Europe and Russia … God’s handiwork.

You might think that with 50 years of marriage and service, they would think of retirement … think again! They have already prepared for a 5 week trip to Poland in October. As I bask in the memories of this recent party in Yakima … attended by friends, relatives, admirers and brothers and sisters in Christ, I can only imagine what the parties are going to be like in Warsaw or Bielawa or Barlinek or Bielsko-Biala … all cities in Poland where Paul and Betty served the Lord and are welcomed with open arms. I have seen the love the people of Eastern Europe have for the Wereschs … the parties will be great.

But, as I imagine a day in God’s workshop I can’t help but think of an eternity in God’s heaven … with brothers and sisters in Christ like Paul and Betty Weresch … now THAT will be a party!

Don’t miss it, my friends!

Larry Abele – Editorial Team

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